Friday, May 28, 2010

Premade Design: A Little Birdie Told Me

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finer Things: 2 1/2 year old boys

This was our conversation this morning:
Jack: I help Daddy scoop. Where's my flower? I broke it. Accident Mommy.
Me: What? Then I remembered...
J: I'm sorry Mommy. I'm sorry.

A few weeks ago, Jack painted a flower pot and planted some seeds for my Mother's Day gift. We've been talking about how it was for Mommy and that Jack made it. He was very proud of it. This past Sunday, Jack knocked it over and it broke to pieces. He had apologized and I thought it was done. Now, it's four days later and he randomly brought it up. This time when he apologized, he was about ready to cry.
This made me realize that of all the times I've made him say, "I'm sorry", I think this was the first time he actually knew what he was saying and was really sorry. In a weird way, it made me sad. Sad because he's getting older and is understanding alot more things and that he's not my little baby anymore.
Within the same five minute conversation, he ran down the events about a recent trip to Wal-Mart with his Dad. He went step by step about how they got groceries, that he was good and that they looked at the toys.
Again, this was the first time he had remembered in such detail about something he did a few days ago.
We are at the stage where we can have a decent conversation as long as I keep going with the questions. Now, we can have a conversation about what he is telling me. While I'm happy that he is progressing like he should, I'm still sad that he isn't a baby anymore. Sometimes when he is watching movies with his dad, I get told to "go away". ::Tears::
See, he is our only child. As of right now, we are not sure if we will have more. I think that's why it's hitting me so hard tonight. But, I know that he is only 2 1/2 and we have tons and tons of good things coming our way.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

works for me wednesday at we are that family
Welcome To Ziplist!

Ziplist has been so awesome for me. I read alot of cooking blogs. Instead of having to print the recipes or add them to my favorites, I can use Ziplist. You can add the recipe clipper to copy recipes from websites. Depending on the site, it will automatically had the ingredients and then you copy the directions. But, when I use it on blogs, it doesn't grab it. So, I just have to copy and paste them. Or, you can search their recipe database which has TONS of recipes.
Once you have recipes in your library, you can create shopping lists depending on which recipes you will be using. You can also add your local stores and then create different lists for each store. That is a really nice feature if you shop different stores depending on sales. I live in NW Iowa and they had my local stores.
Also, you can email the lists to anyone. This works well for me because I have a Blackberry with my email so I don't have to print a list. Or you can email it to your spouse at work and have them pick up items on the way home.

Ziplist works for me because it fits all of my recipe needs. I'm much more organized then ever! For all you Iphone users, they also have an app for that!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Top 10 Tuesdays: I'm a tv junkie

A few months ago, I finally bit the bullet and had cable installed. We have an HD tv, so even without cable, we had like 11 channels. But, now I've become somewhat of a TV junkie. So, here are my current favs.

1. The Hills - Yep, I'm 29 years old and I watch The Hills. I don't know what it is about that show. It gets me every week. Maybe it's the whole Speidi thing. I don't really know.

2. The City - see I really think this show has at least some substance compared to The Hills. At least Whitney seems to be doing something with her life. The show isn't just about love triangles and going out every night.

3. Little People Big World - I love this show. I used to watch it before when we had cable. I love the dynamics of their relationship. I'm still trying to figure out if they are still

4. Beverly Hills Chef - this is on the Food Network. I love to cook. This shows has cooking plus the lifestyle of the rich and not famous.

5. Say Yes to the Dress - I don't plan on getting married. But, I love to look at the dresses. I sometimes want to get married so I can get a pretty dress. But then I snap back to reality and realize that a dress is not a reason to get married.

6. Four Weddings - Great idea. We all know that when we go to weddings, we totally nitpick what the bride did. This show has 4 brides attend weddings of each other. Then, they rate each wedding. The winner gets an awesome honeymoon. I love it!

7. Parenthood - Its shows like this that make me realize that I'm a 29 yr old parent. It's on NBC and reminds me of Brothers and Sisters, but with a focus on parenting. They show all angles of parenthood and what goes on. This is a new show and I hope it stays. It also makes up for the fact that I watch The Hills. :)

8. Brothers and Sisters - anyone watch the season finale?! Holy Moley!! I was a little tempted to finish out the season and not return. But the finale got me.

9. Pretty much anything on TLC or Food Network - espically any challenges that feature food. I love to cook and eat food. I also love to watch the talent that competes.

And last, but not least......

10. Glee! I've saw an episode or two when it first started. But, I think it was on Wed nights and I have class, so I couldn't get into it. After joining the blogger community I realize how popular it was. I also realized that it had moved to Tuesday nights. So I started watching to see what all the hype was about. I'm a Gleek!! I love music and love the fact that they did a Madonna show and Lady Gaga is up this week!

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