Friday, April 16, 2010

Saturday Stumbles

I'm going to join this one early. I have quite an busy day. Jack and I are going to my sister's so I can babysit and so he can play with his cousins. We will be on the road by 7:30! After, it's hopefully naptime so I can get things done before my surgery on Friday. Then, it's off to the circus. Maybe I will run away with them....

I only have one post that I stumbed on, but only bc I just started...LOL

Stumble Upon @ Amy's Finer Things

I know. I know...not a real creative with this post. But, if it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't know Stumble Upon exists! So, hopefully next week, I can have a better post!

UBP - The after party

I have the UBP to thank for recent blog. I actually started it before I found out, but the UBP def kept me posting. After following tweets and reading comments that people left, I just couldn't believe how friendly everyone is. Also, finding all these new blogs really gives me something to strive for. There are some excellent blogs and I can only hope that one day, mine will reach that level of excellence. Thanks everyone for a great time. I sure hope that anyone who visited will come back once in a while and check me out. My blog that is!
Here are three of the blogs I found. What great work!

Misplaced Midwesterner
This is a great blog!Her writing just flows nicely and is interesting to read.

Live Laugh Love and Bloggings
I def have to post this one because she was my first and only follower. I met her through the twitter party the other night. She had nothing but nice and helpful things to say.

Couponing to be Debt Free
Who doesn't like couponing? I started couponing a few months back. I'm always looking for new blogs to read.

Friday Food Day

Today is birthday food day here at work. Every third Friday, we celebrate all the birthdays in the current month. Our entire floor participates. Sometimes we don’t get a very good showing of food. But today is probably the best we’ve had in a long time. Unfortunately, I see right in front of my department’s cabinents with the food. By 8am this morning, I had tastes of 2 breakfast casseroles, some Asian beef, 2 authentic egg rolls, some smoke pork and some cake. WOW! Needless to say I didn’t have to eat lunch today, maybe not even supper. Food day is kind of interesting. It brings over the people in other departments that you don’t normally see and it’s pretty much a madhouse from 7:30 to 8:00. Who knew people could get so excited about food? But the food is good and there is always such a wide variety.
I made a breakfast casserole that is to die for. I will post the recipe later. It’s a hit around my family and department. It’s what is requested I bring. The best part is that it’s so popular, that by 9am, it’s gone and I can put it away and be done. It’s pretty much requested that I bring this meal every month!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

The thing that I love today is an old CD that I happen to stumble across over the weekend. It’s Janet Jacksons “Janet”. I believe it came out in 1993. I was in middle school then. I have always been a Janet Jackson fan. I remember watching her earliest videos on MTV with my Mom. So, I stumbled across this, among others that I’m too embarrassed to list, and I couldn’t have been happier. I popped it right into the CD player and got my groove on while I finished my cleaning. The music alone is great. But, I think that it makes me happy because it brings me back to when things were easy. No job, no bills, no problems at all. As soon as I saw the cover, I instantly thought of the time in homeroom that Mandy started doing the dance from the IF video. Mandy was a fantastic dancer and I was jealous because she had the dance down to a T.

But, I listened to it after I dropped my son off at daycare, I don’t dare listen to it in front of him. By the time I was down the road, I was well on my way to being pumped up to go to work on such a rainy day. That’s why I love this CD.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One of those Moms

I’ve become the Mom that I never thought I would be.
Before having my son, I swore up and down that I wouldn’t be come “one of those Moms”. My idea of those moms were the ones who joined playgroups, constantly listened to children’s music in the car, enrolled their toddlers in extracurricular activities, and do arts and crafts.

But, I have become one of them and I couldn’t be happier. I work outside the home, but I still joined a playgroup. I think it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long time. We can only make the late afternoon and weekend playdates. But, the friendships that I’ve made are the best. After having my son, I struggled with keeping relationships with my non-mommy friends. Some didn’t understand that I couldn’t go out at the drop of a hat. Or we didn’t have the same issues anymore. Meeting fellow moms in the playgroup has helped me in a huge way. I now have friends that I can relate to about everything from raising my son to balancing work and Mommyhood. Plus, my son gets to do activities that I never would have thought to do.

My son and I have recently joined Kinder Musik. Again, I’m so glad that I got over the thought that a 2 yr old doesn’t need that. He gets so excited every Monday after daycare to go and doesn’t stop talking about it until we get there. Sometimes he’s not the perfect student, but I know that he is getting so much more out of it then I could offer him. That leads me to listening to children’s music in the car. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t listen to the CDs that are from Kinder Musik. He lets me listen to my station for about 2 seconds and then he asks, “Music class please Mom?” He asks so nicely, how can I not let him?

I’ve never been a crafty person. Art class was awful for me. But, with the help of a fellow playgroup Mom, I’ve become an avid scrapper. My pages aren’t the best, but I know that my son will have the memories of holidays and special events for when he grows up. I’ve also grown to like searching for child crafts online. My art will never win awards, but my son likes them and that’s all I care about.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Ten Things I love about my 2 ½ yr old


1. I love that he tells me about his day.
He tells me about what they had for lunch, who was sick that day and so forth. I have to probe him for answers but it’s wells worth it.

2. I love that he repeats every last word of every sentence.
I just hope I don’t say anything bad and that he will repeat it.

3. I love that when we drive past McDonalds he says, “Mommy coffee?”
We stop every morning on the way to daycare to get my sugar free vanilla iced coffee. Not only does he know that’s where we get it, but he also repeats my order as we drive to the window to pay.
4. I love that he loves his puppy.
I have a 4 yr old Bichon Frise named Bentley. Bentley hasn’t always been a fan of Jack, but Jack doesn’t care. Just the other day we took Bentley to the Vet. He was crying the entire time and Jack kept petting him and telling him that it’s alright. Which brings me to #5….

5. I love that he’s the sweetest boy ever.
He’s been going to daycare for about 2 yrs now. Whenever I see the other Moms there, they always tell me what a sweet little boy I have and the is just adorable. My sister even says that he reminds her of Curious George….but in a good way…LOL

6. I love that he points out everything he sees while we are driving.
Not a day goes by that he doesn’t point out the puppies, car, hills, bridges….etc. Sometimes I can’t keep up with all the words he’s saying.

7. I love that he gets so excited when he makes something.
Whether it’s a house of Legos or a painting on the easel. When’s done with his masterpiece I hear, “Mom! I make it!!!”

8. I love that he wants hugs and kisses from both me and his Dad.
Hugs and kisses were something I had to beg for. Now, he won’t let me close his door at night until we have about 8 kisses and hugs. He also wants his Dad to kiss and hug all his animals in the bed.

9. I love that he loves playing with the big boys outside.
We live in an apartment complex. There are a couple of boys that are in elementary school. They play so nice with Jack and Jack loves to play with them. Sometimes he just runs after them and sometimes he plays with them. Either way, I love seeing him interacting with other kids.

10. I love that he’s polite.
Sure, I have to remind me to say please when he wants something. But once I remind him, he says it right away and so nicely. He’s very good about saying thank you and bless you when someone sneezes. He even tells the puppy bless you after he sneezes.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW Skinny Cow Ice Cream Cups

I must say that I was not paid in any way to do review for these Skinny Cow cups. But, they wouldn't have to pay me to eat them either. LOL. I bought these for the first time. Right now, I'm eating the Dulce de Leche. It is soooo good! I love my ice cream,I grew up in the Ice Cream Capital of the World for petes sake! The flavor is wonderful and I don't feel as guilty for eating it because the entire 5.8 oz cup is only 150 calories! You can't beat the combination of great flavor and low calories! Now,I just have to figure out what I'm going to do so I don't eat all three of them tonight.....

The Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
I've been checking out all these blogs. Holy cow there are tons. I just hope that someday my blog will be up to par with these.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Krazy This Week | The Krazy Coupon Lady

Krazy This Week The Krazy Coupon Lady

I just have to say that I love this site and everything about it. I seriously check it at least 4 times a day or even more. I'd say that this is the site that got me started on couponing. Without it, I would have the attitude that the coupons aren't worth anything and they would never get cut.

Weekend Shopping Trips

I think I had a pretty decent weekend of savings. Saturday I went to Walgreens and HyVee.

This is what I got at Walgreens:
2 John Frieda Products @ $5.99
1 John Frieda @ $3.02 (They were on sale 3/$15)
2 Pampers Wipes @ $2.00
M&Ms @ .69

Total: $19.69
Coupons: - 9.50
Grand Total: 10.19 + tax
Then I got a $5 RR to use next time. So, with that, it's like I paid $5.19 for all 6 items. That is like pay .87 a piece!

Then I went to HyVee bc they were having a Red Hot Sale.
I bought 9 Hamburger Helpers @ .80 pc = $7.20
I also had coupons: - 2.75
Grand Total: $4.45
It's like I only paid .49 per box! Nine boxes will last us for quite awhile.

Today, I went to Target to get the $5 gift card for buying two boxes of Huggies. Heres what I did:
Scrubbing Bubbles Extended Clean @ $7.99
4 Velveeta Mac cups @ 3.20
2 Manwich @ 1.92
2 Huggies @ 39.58

Total: $52.69

Coupons: $15.10
Grand Total: $37.59

Then I had $20 in gift cards from other transactions. So with the gift cards, I only paid $17.59 for everything. To me that's insane bc now I have 140 diapers for the price of one box. Or if I break it down, I paid $2.19 per item!