Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Ten Things I love about my 2 ½ yr old


1. I love that he tells me about his day.
He tells me about what they had for lunch, who was sick that day and so forth. I have to probe him for answers but it’s wells worth it.

2. I love that he repeats every last word of every sentence.
I just hope I don’t say anything bad and that he will repeat it.

3. I love that when we drive past McDonalds he says, “Mommy coffee?”
We stop every morning on the way to daycare to get my sugar free vanilla iced coffee. Not only does he know that’s where we get it, but he also repeats my order as we drive to the window to pay.
4. I love that he loves his puppy.
I have a 4 yr old Bichon Frise named Bentley. Bentley hasn’t always been a fan of Jack, but Jack doesn’t care. Just the other day we took Bentley to the Vet. He was crying the entire time and Jack kept petting him and telling him that it’s alright. Which brings me to #5….

5. I love that he’s the sweetest boy ever.
He’s been going to daycare for about 2 yrs now. Whenever I see the other Moms there, they always tell me what a sweet little boy I have and the is just adorable. My sister even says that he reminds her of Curious George….but in a good way…LOL

6. I love that he points out everything he sees while we are driving.
Not a day goes by that he doesn’t point out the puppies, car, hills, bridges….etc. Sometimes I can’t keep up with all the words he’s saying.

7. I love that he gets so excited when he makes something.
Whether it’s a house of Legos or a painting on the easel. When’s done with his masterpiece I hear, “Mom! I make it!!!”

8. I love that he wants hugs and kisses from both me and his Dad.
Hugs and kisses were something I had to beg for. Now, he won’t let me close his door at night until we have about 8 kisses and hugs. He also wants his Dad to kiss and hug all his animals in the bed.

9. I love that he loves playing with the big boys outside.
We live in an apartment complex. There are a couple of boys that are in elementary school. They play so nice with Jack and Jack loves to play with them. Sometimes he just runs after them and sometimes he plays with them. Either way, I love seeing him interacting with other kids.

10. I love that he’s polite.
Sure, I have to remind me to say please when he wants something. But once I remind him, he says it right away and so nicely. He’s very good about saying thank you and bless you when someone sneezes. He even tells the puppy bless you after he sneezes.

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Alicia said...

What a great, thoughtful list! I can tell that you are one very proud mommy :)

Julia said...

I love this post. Treasure every minute because they grow up so fast!

oh amanda said...

So sweet! I'm with Julia---it gets faster and faster all the time. Glad you posted this so you can remember it all!


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