Monday, June 7, 2010

It’s Monday, the first day of what could be a crappy week. So far, it hasn’t been too bad. But it’s only 10:49am here.
Anyways, we had another busy weekend. We took our first trip of the season to our local farmer’s market. We didn’t get a ton of stuff. But we did get some fresh potatoes, strawberries, and fresh herb cheese bread. Yumm-O! Jack and I also spent Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon babysitting for my sister. My niece had her first dance recital and she did not want to take the two younger boys. It’s nice because her boys are around the same age as Jack. We only live 20 minutes away and it seems like they never see each other. Since Jack is an only child, I really want him to know his cousins.

I did manage to get ALL of my laundry done. I’ve been making piles and piles of things that were not urgent on the laundry list. We live in an apartment, so we pay to do our laundry. It’s kind of an agreement that if I watch my sister’s kids, I am free to bring my laundry to wash. That’s what I did. I think I only had 4 loads, but I left one at home. I feel so much lighter now that I have that big task completed. I even celebrated with some chocolate covered peanuts! LOL.

How was your weekend?


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