Friday, June 4, 2010

Smart and Trendy Moms

What a CRAZY day!! We have two people out of the office today. One being management and one being a secretary like me. What’s really going to suck is that next week, we will be short a total of 4 people! That’s a lot in the fast paced world of meat sales. On the plus side, one of those people I can’t tolerate. So, it will be nice that they won’t be here.
I don’t want to sound mean by saying that. This person and I have a completely different work ethic, mine being the best…heehee. Here’s my issues with them. My biggest one is their need to leave early once or twice a week. I understand things come up, but do they really need to schedule ALL of their appts for mid afternoon when they only work until 3? The biggest thing that goes along with that is cheating the timecard. This person tells us they will make up their time, but they don’t. But then they write on their timecard that they did. I let it go once but I’ve been speaking up. I hate that they do that.
My other concern is their need to spend 30+ minutes on personal phone calls. Ya know, I don’t care if you call your mom or whoever. But, when your job is to answer phones and you don’t….that ticks me off. Esp when I have to stop working and answer the phone all because you don’t want to put your mom on hold. I have a couple of ways I get this to stop, but the whole thing is dumb. I could probably go on and on about this person, but I won’t. Maybe in another post.
So, the work load may be heavy next week and the phones never ending, I don’t think I’ll care because that person won’t be here and I won’t have to deal with their inability to work a full week or do their tasks!

Do you have anyone that you have to work with that is the same way?


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

I am a stay home Mom, but i have to be around some whiny and impossible to please people (not my family :)) So i understand. Some people are dishonest and think that they deserve more than others....Very annoying...I am sorry you have to be around this person.
Happy Blog hop!
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Gros bisous

Queens Mama said...

Following you from Social Parade! Hope you'll follow me back.

I'm a SAHM too but I can understand your frustration. I used to work with people who took a lot of liberties and got away with it, while I got in trouble for asking for the same leniency. :P

Hope things get better!

Bella said...

Hi ... New follower from Social Parade. Sorry for your frustration. Just breathe .... : )

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