Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Tuesdays: Vacation Time!!

Our daycare was closed this past week. Normally, my parents watch him for the week. But this time, they were going to also be gone on vacation. So, I decided to take the week off and stay home with Jack. I loved having the week off and no major plans or chores to do. Not saying I didn’t have chores to do, but I was going to enjoy my vacation and make the most of it. Here are my Top 10 favorite things about last week:

1. No work!
2. I got to spend some quality Jack and Mommy time.
3. I got to sleep in until….6:30am. It’s like a half hour extra….whooo hooo
4. Spend time with baby C. She is under the age of 1, so I was able to get suppress some of that baby fever
5. At the same, taking care of two children under the age of three and both in diapers made me appreciate the one child I have
6. Did I mention no work?!
7. I did manage to get one nap in on the first day…lol
8. Surprisingly, I was able to keep my house some decent compared to while I’m working
9. No work stress…..there is a girl at work who I can’t stand and she is always trying to cheat the system.
10. The Zoo! We are lucky enough to have two great zoos within an hour of us. This was his first trip to a zoo, so we went to the smaller, more kid friendly zoo. I didn’t know what he would think, but he LOVED it! It’s been two days and he’s still talking about the zoo and the giraffes. We won’t be going anywhere this summer for vacation, so this was perfect for us. The best part is that with the entry fee and train ride tickets, 2 and under free, and the toy I bought at the end, I spent under $25! That’s awesome to me because that money got us about 4 hours of fun and quality family time.

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Penny@FOSTER2FOREVER said...

Howdy from Texas!
Totally understand the no work reasons!!! Most of my vacation time has been spent w/ lil ones in the hospital which is my top 10 this week!

Olivia said...

Sounds like fun! Happy vacation!

Babes Mami said...

Yay vacation! Double yay too lots of time with the little one!

thecoolmom said...

Sounds like a fun week! Too bad it had to end.

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