Friday, April 30, 2010

My Baby Comes Home Today!

I'm super excited. When my boyfriend gets home from work, we are going to get our son! He's been staying at my sister's house at night. She's been taking him to my Mom's daycare during the day while she works.
It's been a week of mixed emotions. While I've missed him sooo much, I've kindof enjoyed this week. Is that bad of me? I know he's in good hands and my sister has been giving me little updates. It was def. nice to do what I wanted during the day. Well, not exactly what I wanted since I can't drive..LOL. As the afternoon goes on, I'm getting so pumped to go and pick him up. I just wish I wasn't on pain meds right now otherwise I would go and get him this instance.
I'm still off of work most of next week. So, I'm going to use that time to make up for the lost time with Jack.
My sister did tell me this today. As she was packing his bags last night, he asked her if he was going home. She told him that Mommy would come get him tomorrow night and that Mommy was feeling all better. Then, my sweet little baby boy says, "I love her." AAAAWWWWEEEE. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I was so worried that he would forget me. But he hasn't. Only like 3 more hours til I can see him!!!!


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