Monday, April 26, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday: Tonsillectomy

On April 23rd, I had a tonsillectomy. I'm actually not doing to bad. Or at least that's what I think before the drugs wear off...LOL.
The weirdest part is that I have nothing to do. I don't remember the last time I had no work or no child to take care of. I'm off work for two weeks and my sister has Jack. I slept until 9:30 this morning and was back in bed by noon.

Luckily, I have a large circle of support. First, there are my parents. My Dad picked me up from the surgery center and brought me to their home for the weekend. It was like I was 9 yrs old and sick. It was one of the best feelings. They were always checking on me and asking if I needed anything. It was just really nice to have that again, esp since I've been out of the house for 10 years.
Then there is my sister. She has Jack and will have him until Friday. The minute I told her about the surgery, she offered to take him. I didn't even have to think about what I was going to do. She already has 3 kids of her own who are 5 and under....bless her.
There is also my boyfriend. He was home with our son alone for the entire weekend for the first time, EVER. I have to admit, I was a little worried about how things would go down. But, everytime I got a report, they were having lots of fun and everything was good.
Finally, there is Jessica. She took me to the surgery center bright and early. This is after one of her children were up all night. Then today, she stopped by the pharmacy to pick up the rest of my meds even though she had a sick little boy in the car. She didn't even think twice about it.

So, overall it hasn't been to horrible. But I've heard the worst is to come. I'm not missing food all that much and maybe I will get the hang of this whole doing nothing thing.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck..if I remember correctly I think it is the third or fourth day that is the worst. I had mine out about 10 years ago as an adult so I know it is not a easy thing to go through.. plus I had complications so I wish you the best... Enjoy your free time, you really do need to rest up while you can.

Melissa said...

I have not had the pleasure of having my tonsils removed. Kudos to you and I wish you a quick recovery.

It's great that you have such a wonderful support group. We moved away from our family and when I had my son, no one but my daughter and husband visited. It was actually pretty great because when we had our daughter, everyone bombarded us at the hospital. It was almost awful.

Anyway, I hope you get the rest you need. Enjoy your time off as much as you can!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! Seems like the worst is when I wake up from sleeping.

Sandie Lee said...

Ooh...I still have my tonsils so I have no idea the process. But hang in there and eat lots of Ice cream :)

Michelle said...

You can never have enough ice cream!!!

flmom said...

Found you through Twitter Moms and am wishing you a speedy recovery! Following you now as well.

Mary Lou-Lou said...

I hope that you are getting lots of rest and feel better soon :-)

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