Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love Thursdays

Today, I'm loving old keyboards.
My laptop recently got a virus. So, after spending all night last night trying to fix it, I've given up. I tried to reinstall Vista like I've done in the past. Well, it worked, but it's so basic that I can't even get online.
That brings me to an old laptop. The laptop works great, but all the buttons are torn off thanks to my toddler.
So, I took an old keyboard from my desktop that recently took a dump. Now, I'm able to post and actually get things done online! I'm so happy that for one I did listen to my boyfriend and not get rid of something that is broken. I could write a whole other post on that though.

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Lisa said...

First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Second, love your blog design.

But shhh don't let my hubby know that someday I might appreciate the sea of old computer stuff he has piled up!!! :)

waterwaif said...

Found you on twittermoms and I'm your newest blog follower!


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