Monday, July 5, 2010

A Random Thought: Generic Brands

I've never been against buying the store brand items. I do have a few items that I will not buy store brand. This list includes any sort of hamburger helper, cheese slices, and until yesterday, toilet paper.
For some reason, my boyfriend is the one that buys all the paper products. It's been a small battle to get him to buy the expensive TP. I have pretty much gave in and let him choose. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart, he bought the Great Value toilet paper.
My first thought was, "Geeze, this is going to suck." Let me tell you, I was very surprised when I opened it. I'd say it's a very good swap for what I call, "the good stuff". I won't go into details about my TP use, I don't think we are on that level yet...LOL. I will say that I will be crossing off toilet paper from my Do Not Buy Generic list. Finally, a generic toilet paper worth writing about!!


Babes Mami said... husband used to buy the 4 for a buck rolls of you know, sandpaper, because his roomates never bought any but we buy Angel Soft. Might have to check out the Great Value next time if it's much cheaper.

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