Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why am I so obsessed?!

I hav been sitting here for hours searching the web for the perfect lunch bag for Jack. By hours, I mean 4 hours in one sitting. That doesn't even count the time I spent this afternoon.
Every Thursday at daycare, they go on a field trip to the park and then have lunch. So, we are supposed to bring a sack lunch. For the past couple of weeks, he has been using a cooler that has my work logo on it. How cool is that? It's not. In my opinion, an almost 3 yr old needs to have a much cooler bag. That's why I'm so obsessed.
I want my kid to be the cool kid at daycare. Plain and simple. But, it's not simple. It's actually pretty stupid. His daycare has 5 kids at the most. He is actually the youngest one. Does it really matter that his lunch bag is the coolest? Nobody there is going to know that I spent hours searching for the perfect bag. Nor, will they know that I bought it at Etsy, one of the coolest sites ever.
The other reason I've been obsessed is that I recently read a blog review about some super cute insulated lunch bags. But, I read the post of my cell and didn't mark it in any way. I really need to figure out how to that. So, I've been searching google, swagbucks, and my google reader to find it. I may have even read it in a twitter update. Who knows. That's really
I'm bribing offering Jack a new lunch bag for potty training. So, I want him to get excited about it. I'll probably end up buying a Handy Manny or Thomas lunch bag which means my hours were super poorly used.
When he wakes up, I'm going to have him choose which one he wants. That's what it's about, right?


QueenB said...

try Sugar Booger or Crocodile Creek. Sugar Booger has some adorable little boy ones- robots, spaceships, etc.

Busy Buzzer said...

Don't know about "super cute", but you can get some cute ones with his name embroidered on it from thirty-one gifts. DD has one and all the other mom's at her preschool commented on it. Plus it made her proud that it had her name on it so it was just hers. Just a thought. Good luck!

Buzzing the Day Away

Michelle said...

thanks for the ideas! I'm sure I'll be searching them later...LOL

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