Thursday, July 1, 2010

Potty Training Update and Friday Follows

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We are finishing up week two of potty training. I'd say we are doing very good. He is going in the potty two times at daycare and like 4 or 5 a day at home. On most days, he will stay dry from 3pm to when we put him to bed at 7:30.
At daycare, she started using pull-ups to get him used to pulling down his pants. That seems to be helping him learn. We have the most success at home because we wears no bottoms. Once he gives his signals that he has to go, I send him in. I'll stand in the living room to make sure he goes. Half the time I get, "Mom! Go away!"
He had a big day yesterday though. He went poop in the potty at daycare. At home, he stopped playing on his own and went to use the potty. I didn't even have to tell him. I was pretty excited about that.
So, I'm hoping by the end of summer we will be mostly day trained. This little boy will fill his diaper at night, so I think night training is going to be bit of an issue.


Jessie said...

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Busy Buzzer said...

That's great that the potty training is going so well!! We do nakey time t our house during potty training too. Keep up the good work!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I still remember the good old potty training days! Good luck!

Stopping by from Smart and Trendy Moms: Social Parade! I'm your newest follower!

Have a great weekend!

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Happy Friday!

Teresa said...

Hi! I am one of your newest followers! My daughter is 16 and I still remember the potty training days. I hope you have a very happy 4th of July weekend! Nice to meet you!

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Mama to 3 Blessings said...

hi! following you from Follow me Friday, I invite you to come follow back! Enjoy your weekend! :)

KdBuggie Boutique said...

New follower. Glad you are having potty training success. I'm having difficulties with my daughter...
Stop by and say hi some time.

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